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Dachshund Races & Doggy Olympics

Date: September 07, 2024

Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Location: 681 Lake St E

Cost: Free – $25

James J. Hill Days Dog Park is THE place to be for dog lovers from 10 am – 2 pm both Saturday & Sunday at Panoway Plaza.

Saturday, September 7 Dachshund Races | 12 pm | Registration Opens at 10 am

The races will be held Saturday, September 9th from 12:00 pm at the JJHD Dog Park (at the Panoway on Wayzata Bay Plaza) in Downtown Wayzata. The cost for entry for each event is $25. The races consist of three events; Sprints, Hurdles, and a Costume Contest.  You can register for one event or all three! Entries will be accepted until the race is full.  Entry fees are non-refundable

Bundles: Have more than one Doxie?

– Buy your ticket for the sprints, hurdles, and costume contest at Full price $25 – register your 2nd Doxie (and 3rd Doxie if applicable) for $10

– Buy your ticket for the costume contest at Full price $25 – register your 2nd Doxie (and 3rd Doxie if applicable) for FREE.

Race Rules

– Races are assigned at random and the number of dogs in each heat will be based on number of entries.

– The first place dachshund in each heat will advance to the finals.

– Each dachshund will need two handlers to race – one at the starting line as the “releaser” and one at the finish line as the “catcher.” 

– You may bring your dog’s favorite toy as an incentive at the finish line.  Items not allowed: “loud” noise toys or objects, laser pointers, “human food” (small treats okay).

– Winners of heats and advancement is the decision of the finish line judge.

Premier Sponsor of the JJHD Dachshund Races & Doggy Olympics



Sunday, September 8 Doggy Olympics | 11 – 2 pm | Registration Opens at 10 am

You and your pup are challenged to join us on Sunday, September 10th from 11 – 2pm for the JJHD DOGGY OLYMPICS! Looking for a great way to engage, burn off some energy and have fun with your pup? Games are the best way to do that – they are fun for you and your dog! BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) and take on the challenge of the WINE GLASS WALK, the ever-popular MUSICAL BEACH CHAIRS game, and the ultimate test of focus: our LONGEST SIT-STAY contest.

  • Wine Walk – Holding a wine glass (filled with water), you and your dog will walk down and back on the Panoway lawn. The team who makes it back with the most amount of wine in the shortest amount of time wins!
  • Musical Beach Chairs – Just like musical chairs, but with beach towels for your dog to sit on. When the music stops, your dog must sit on the closest towel (one dog per towel). The last dog sitting on a beach towel is the winner!
  • Longest Sit-Stay Contest – All dogs will sit and stay on a beach towel while an increasing number of “distractions” are presented. The dog who holds their sit-stay the longest is the winner!

Compete for fabulous prizes! The winner of each event will go home with an amazing gift from one of our sponsors.

Available to all dog sizes/breeds and their humans! The Doggy Olympics games can be played by any doggo/human team – and it’s FREE to register!

Don’t let your pup miss out on the fun – join us by registering today.

Premier Sponsor of the JJHD Dachshund Races & Doggy Olympics


More Fun Happenings at the Dog Park 

  • Create a great memory by having your dog’s caricature created by our Pet Caricature artist on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am-2
  • Get ready for your close-up as you pose for pictures with your pup in the Doggy Kissing Booth at 10 am both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Wayzata PD K9 Demo with Officer Gehrman and his SAR team on Sunday at 12 pm. 

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